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Colletta Brabham-Orr

Award Winning Research Scientist and Author

Colletta Brabham-Orr is dedicated to raising awareness within the community about breast and ovarian cancer. As a cancer research scientist, advocate, and scientific writer, she is committed to educating women on the importance of early diagnosis and treatment. Her book, “Cancer Doesn’t Always Win: A Comprehensive Guide to Beating Breast & Ovarian Cancer,” aims to empower women with knowledge on minimizing the impact of these diseases and promoting early intervention. Through her work, she strives to increase awareness and maintain a strong public understanding of the significance of breast and ovarian cancers.

Mrs. Brabham-Orr earned her bachelor's degree in biology from Voorhees College. Due to her family history of breast and ovarian cancers, she decided to delve deeper into the study of cancer biology. She found a program at Georgetown University School of Medicine (GUSM) in Washington DC that specialized in breast cancer research. Mrs. Brabham-Orr joined the Molecular Genetics Epidemiology Lab at GUSM, where her passion for cancer biology was further solidified. The program focused on identifying genetic variations in the ADH3 gene in breast cancer. Through her research, she discovered that genetic damage caused by environmental and dietary factors is an initial step in the development of tumors. Following her time at GUSM, she took on a role as a Research Scientist at the National Cancer Institute, working in the Experimental and Molecular Therapeutics division. Her research at the institute focused on ovarian cancer. Mrs. Brabham-Orr conducted experiments on ovarian cancer cell lines by exposing them to different concentrations of tyrophostin for 24 hours. The results showed that the cells underwent morphological changes, indicating either growth inhibition or apoptosis. She shared her findings at various national conferences across the United States.


Currently employed at Merck Millipore Sigma in Rockville, Maryland, she serves as a Scientific Report Writer.

My Future Goal

My goal as an Executive Vice-President within a pharmaceutical or biotech company is to shape and amplify messaging that heightens awareness and fosters a deeper understanding of the company’s scientific contributions to global health. I also will tighten the alignment between the business and Corporate Affairs priorities to help ensure value creation and delivery to global stakeholders. I would like to further develop as a communications strategist and catalyst, committed to developing and implementing transformative internal and external communications strategies that illustrate and elevate stories and narratives about business, health, financial and social topics.


What’s important to me in leadership is a strong sense of positivity, empathy, creativity, accountability, transparency, urgency and value delivery. As the external landscape continues to evolve and global health becomes more dynamic and complex, I look forward to enhancing the trust, partnership and engaging with all stakeholders as I continue to help deliver life-changing and life-saving medicines and solutions to people everywhere.


One in eight women will develop breast cancer, and one in sixty-seven will develop ovarian cancer. These statistics serve as a reminder of the many mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and friends who have endured the words "You have cancer."

Colletta Orr knows firsthand the devastating effects of breast and ovarian cancers, having lost a grandmother and great-grandmother to both. Armed with years of research and the desire to understand and fight the cancers that devastated her family, Orr seeks to educate others about ways to prevent and overcome both diseases. Cancer Doesn't Always Win: A Comprehensive Guide to Beating Breast & Ovarian Cancer instructs readers on the causes and symptoms of both breast and ovarian cancers while providing valuable information on:

  • The link between both cancers

  • Risk factors for both cancers

  • Advice for dealing with a diagnosis and the subsequent treatment

  • Tips for living a healthy lifestyle that lowers your cancer risk

  • Stories of survival from women who have lived through breast and ovarian cancers

This book will empower you to take control of your health and your life. It is a must-read for anyone affected by breast or ovarian cancer, either as a survivor or a friend of one, and anyone looking for practical and tangible ways to live cancer-free.


Colletta Orr & Associates mission is to provide breast and ovarian cancers preventive and survivor resources through support groups and educational workshops. We educate, empower and support all communities affected by breast and ovarian cancers. Our services are designed to help women get the care and education needed early and begin conversations with their physicians that are life-saving.  Let’s normalize talking about our breast and ovarian health.

Colletta Orr & Associates

Annual Events

The Pink & Teal Experience

Pink & Teal Experience where guest speaker will speak candidly and compassionately and breast and ovarian cancers and the impact it has had on their lives. This event will give everyone the knowledge that is so very necessary to reduce the risk of developing these diseases and that it also will empower us with the strength needed to go through this journey. Our panel of speakers will include survivors, healthcare professionals and research scientists. Cancer affects each person in a unique way, but this yearly gathering guarantees that all attendees depart feeling motivated and optimistic, as "Cancer Doesn't Always Win!"

The Pink Brunch

In addition to sporting pink at this event, we’ll be celebrating breast cancer fighters and survivors. Join Breast Cancer Survivors, Caregivers and Friends for a delicious brunch and celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Mix and mingle, make new friends, share stories and experiences.

Cupcakes & Conversations

A conversation about breast & ovarian cancer and the correlation between them.


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